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Optimization of your portfolio performance with Amygdalus

The Phoenix securities lending model optimizes your performance by continuously increasing the number of shares you hold, especially in times when prices are lower than expected. 

It is ideal for share owners whose securities have not yet reached their target price in order to optimize the holding period. The duration of our service depends on the percentage distance to the target price.

As a share owner, you receive an attractive securities lending fee of between 3.0% and 15.0% p.a.

Don't waste your time. Use our calculator to quickly assess the potential of your shares.

Example calculator for Phönix:

Explanation of the calculation tool:

You can select different data in the colored fields using the drop-down list:

  • Your share data: Please enter the current price, number of shares and target price (your desired price) to obtain your result.

  • Future result: Please enter a possible future price of your share and receive a possible portfolio value, price development and return per year, based on the capital transfer.

  • Immediate results: The calculator shows you the real result, based on your entries.


*Disclaimer: The number of shares shown above is for illustrative purposes only and will of course depend on the share price. It also does not represent investment advice or a recommendation. The selection of shares are only exemplary shares and example prices.

Have we sparked your interest in Phoenix and would you wish more information? Then click on the "Get your offer" button to go directly to our non-binding offer form or book a short information meeting.

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