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Risk Notice

All data shown here is for your information only and does not represent an offer or a solicitation of an investment or the submission of an offer to buy or sell our trading strategy or even investment advice. The information shown is valid at the time the reports and documents were created limited and subject to change depending on market developments. The information and opinions come from reliable sources and have been checked with the greatest possible care before publication. Nevertheless, Amygdalus GmbH does not guarantee that the information is up-to-date, complete or correct.


If we refer to websites, directly or indirectly, the above also applies to their content. Amygdlus GmbH is not responsible for the content of such directly or indirectly linked sites. Likewise, we assume no responsibility for representations or content that are created via links from third-party websites to these websites. This happens in particular if, in the opposite case, reference is made to our website from a third party without our knowledge.


Our entire website is aimed exclusively at people residing in the Federal Republic of Germany.


Any recourse and warranty based on the information published here is excluded. This is especially true for readers trying to personally recreate our trading strategy. In no way does the description of our trading strategy represent a request or recommendation for imitation carried out independently or through third parties. Under no circumstances should internet pages be understood as personal or general advice, not even tacitly, since we only use our own views through the information and reports presented , view opinions and results.


Should anyone make trading & investment decisions or carry out transactions solely as a result of the content presented on this website, they do so entirely at their own risk. The information presented on our website or in other related information does not constitute any obligation.


We also reserve the right to make additions or changes at any time and without prior information and notification. Any duplication of information or data, the use of texts, parts of texts or images in particular requires our prior consent.


The information provided on our website cannot replace individual, personal information. Our entire website is merely a supplementary service for our followers and interested parties. This applies in particular to all statements published here about our philosophy and about the development and test results actually achieved with our trading strategy in the past. All of this is expressly not to be understood as an offer or recommendation.

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