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The hybrid dividend strategy of Amygdalus

The FIRE 2.0 securities lending model optimizes your performance by continuously increasing the number of shares you hold in order to increase future dividend payments. It is ideal for (future) share owners who are looking for long-term capital accumulation without needing to sell any shares.

As a share owner, you receive an attractive securities lending fee of 8.33% p.a. rolling in 3-year cycles.

You reinvest the lending fee and dividends in the same share to further increase your number of shares. In this way, you will receive dividends as passive income from established companies in the future. 

Use our calculator to quickly assess the potential of your shares and the future is yours.

Example calculator for FIRE 2.0:

Explanation of the calculation tool:

You can select different data in the colored fields using the drop-down list:


  • Company: Select an example company.

  • Your data: Please enter the initiall investment, monthly amount and runtime to get your result. The total amount shows you how much capital has been invested.

  • Immediate results: The calculator shows you the real result in the field "Result planning" for the first 6 years and the future expected net dividend per month after the entire term.

  • Early termination: In the event of early termination, it shows you what your result could look like after "x" years at a possible price of "x" dollar.

*Disclaimer: The number of shares shown above is for illustrative purposes only and will of course depend on the share price. It also does not represent investment advice or a recommendation. The selection of shares are only exemplary shares and example prices.

Have we sparked your interest in FIRE 2.0 and you wish more information? Then click on the "Get your offer" button to go directly to our non-binding offer form or book a short information meeting.

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